Business as usual is not working for Vallejo; we all see it. Cassandra James will bring the change we need for Vallejo to get its fair share.

Cassandra’s key focus are the Priorities of Greater Vallejo, District 1:

Ensure that Vallejo Gets Its Fair Share from Solano County

Struggling Vallejo communities are not seeing an equitable return on county services. Cassandra brings direct experience to navigate complex government bureaucracies that can deliver results which help our community thrive. For far too long, we’ve accepted less than we deserve and haven’t been heard when we’ve demanded better. This will change under Cassandra’s leadership.

Invest in Housing that Vallejo Residents Can Afford

Cassandra is an affordable housing expert who manages a billion dollar fund to help keep people housed. She previously worked at San Francisco’s Navigation Center for the unhoused, helping connect homeless people with the services and housing that get them on the path to a brighter future. She is committed to using her expertise at home in Solano County to solve our homelessness and affordable housing crises. This means more homes that Vallejo residents can afford, more infill housing in our downtown corridors and near transit, creative strategies to convert existing buildings into housing, wraparound services that keep vulnerable people housed, and protections for renters.

Address the Root Causes of Crime and Violence

All Vallejo residents deserve to be safe in their community. With the Vallejo Police Department under California Department of Justice oversight for corruption and racially-motivated targeting, trust in law enforcement is at an all time low in our community. Cassandra will ensure that the County is actively involved in rebuilding that trust and charting a better, safer path forward for all of us. Cassandra will focus on the root causes of crime, work to get guns off our streets, and invest in programs that help people find hope and opportunity instead of hopelessness and despair.

Protect Open Space and Prioritize Investments in Our Cities

Solano County’s treasured open spaces and agricultural lands are an asset to communities. Cassandra will stand up to out-of-town billionaires who want to pave over fragile habitats, trample over family farmers, and take away recreation areas. Solano County doesn’t need a new city; it needs to invest in and revitalize the cities it has, like Vallejo.

Champion Fair Wages and Benefits

Cassandra is a homeowner today thanks to the support of the GI Bill and the middle class income she’s earned by working hard and being in a union. She will champion fair wages and benefits for all District 1 residents and work to expand labor apprenticeship opportunities. She’ll also fully fund programs that help workers in the fossil fuel industry secure a just transition as we embrace our clean energy future.

Support Small Businesses

District 1 has a rich tradition of local family-owned businesses, and Cassandra will work with them to ensure they are getting what they need from the County. If they’re facing red tape, she’ll work to cut it. Cassandra believes in Buying Local and will work to make the County a supportive partner in helping small businesses succeed.

Ensure that Solano County is a Welcoming Community for All of Our Diverse Neighbors

Greater Vallejo is the most diverse district in Solano County. We are a melting pot of many cultures, creeds, communities, and backgrounds. We’re united by our steadfast belief that Vallejo can and should be a place where we thrive together. Hate has no place in Solano County, and Cassandra is proudly in favor of equal rights for all.